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How to Buy : USB Dongle

What's the USB dongle?
The USB to BLE Bridge dongle is a device by which Bluetooth 4.0 BLE packets are changed to serial communication packets and vice versa.
Bluetooth connection indicator
Why the USB dongle is needed?
Pairing is required to connect a robot to a computer through Bluetooth.
Many robots and computers are used in a classroom environment. If multiple robots are turned on, a computer may be connected to another robot, not to my robot.
Thus we need to pair with a robot by turning on only one robot and then continue the next pairing one by one. This consumes long time and is complicated.

However, this problem disappears if we use a USB dongle.
Pairing becomes very easy and fast. A USB dongle finds only its paired robot and is connected to it even if many other robots are turned on.

A computer can be directly connected to a robot if it supports Bluetooth 4.0 BLE. However, we recommends to use a USB dongle in a classroom.
For a smart phone/tablet, it should support the Bluetooth 4.0 BLE and can be directly connected to a robot without a USB dongle.
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